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About bathibahati

Hi! I‘m Bathy, creative soul, aspiring engineer, avocado lover and Founder of bathibahati.com. I was always committed to share tips and inspiration to live healthy and eco friendly. After realizing that Black People are still underrepresented, when it comes to living a healthy, rooted, and fulfilling lifestyle, I decided to share my Work from a more intersectional perspective.




My determination to live more consciously and sustainable made me critically questioned my lifestyle a few years ago.

I turned my life upside down.

I started my Blog as a way to document my steps and changes.

During this time I faced many challenges: Changing my consumption habits and finding my personal balance in a fast-moving world, were some of them.

My experience to practice self-care in everyday life, live minimalistic or put my passion for clothes in a more ethical and eco-friendly context has shaped me a lot. I enjoyed dealing with these topics on a daily basis and used my blog to share experiences, thoughts and inspirations.

But there was another striking thing: Though the love for nature, the art of managing resources and living simply is strong connected to the African culture, Black People still rarely represented, when it comes to living a healthy, rooted, and sustainable lifestyle.

I decided to bring my own intersectional perspective and those of other Black Women at the front of my work. Away from mainstream towards authenticity, bathibahati evolves into a platform, that inspire Black Women to live sustainable, well-balanced and authentic, in their own unique way.

I am grateful that our paths have crossed and I hope that you will find and keep what inspires and enriches you – at any time.

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