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An Ayurvedic Wellness Treat

Embark on an Ayurvedic wellness experience with this nourishing Vata smoothie recipe. Packed with flavors that complement the Vata dosha and promote balance and rejuvenation.

Welcome to Black women standing in front of trees.
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Hi! I‘m Bathy, creative soul, aspiring engineer, avocado lover and Founder of I was always committed to share tips and inspiration to live healthy and eco friendly. After realizing that Black People are still underrepresented, when it comes to living a healthy, rooted, and sustainable lifestyle, I decided to share my Work from a more intersectional perspective...


Bahati [ba-ha-ti] is Swahili and means luck. Luck can be a state of choosen happyness that is not caused through accident, but through the way of living, that enables us to descover permanent chances and beauty in life and in ourself.  



Find more Black Women contributing in their own way, to a more sustainable, well-balanced and authentic life...


Lifestyle and Travel
Welcome to A Guest Post by Sandra
The Slow Interview with Jennifer
Welcome to Instagram Feed of Antónia, founder of
The Slow Interview with Jennifer
The Slow Interview with Jennifer
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Lifestyle and Travel

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