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What has motivated you to deal with the topic of Slow Living? And what does it mean to you?

A few years ago I felt out of balance and the smallest things made me very emotional.  I could not even think of a reasonable solution to even the most basic problems. I sensed something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Until I told a friend who is a psychologist about it.

When she’s with me, she’s always purely a friend, but suddenly she says, “Can I tell you something from my professional standpoint…”

She then told me that my symptoms appeared to be overworked and maybe even burnt out. When she stated that, it hit me that I had been burned out for a long time and was on the verge of exhaustion.

Because of my numerous allergies and irritable bowel syndrome, I had been experimenting with food for a few years at that point.  

My perspective shifted when I realized I was exhausting myself. I noticed the impact my actions, work style, and life style had on me.

My priorities shifted from living to work to working to live. I made the decision to eat a 100% plant-based diet (it is now a bit more flexible, but still no meat and nothing animal at home).

I exercised both my mind and body on a regular basis. During this time, I was also learning more about sustainability and attempting to make as many environmentally friendly decisions as possible.

After years of living this lifestyle, I came across the phrase “slow living” and said to myself, “Hey, that’s my life.”


Slow living, to me, means …

Slow living, to me, means appreciating life more, attempting to live in the moment, and making choices that are beneficial for myself – and my body, mind, and soul, as well as others and nature.



What exactly is Adjuma Tribe about?

Adjuma Tribe is a slow living platform and community for spicy urban souls.

Adjuma Tribe has a conscious and holistic perspective on mind & soul, food, lifestyle work-life and more. To inspire, motivate and support people on their own journey.

Because we know it’s a struggle. Keeping on top of things while also making conscious and sustainable choices for themselves, people and planet. Well, Adjuma Tribe got your back. No pedantic fingers here. We belief Slow living can’t be done fast. It’s a journey.

Adjuma includes a blog showcasing inspirational and informational articles, along with occasional community gatherings like dinners, workshops, and walks. 


 What made you decide to start Adjuma Tribe?

I saw many peers (black/ POC, self-employed, city life) struggling with the same things I struggled with and sometimes still struggle with such as making sustainable choices, burn outs, the hussel culture. So I first wanted to share my slow living story to inspire people given my experiences as a black Dutch-Suriname woman and entrepreneur.

Adjuma Tribe began as a platform for everything related to slow living, including food, fashion, lifestyle, and mental wellness.

Meanwhile I learned that there was so much more to learn and that I also wanted to be able to help and inform people more methodically. After that, I decided to become a Mindfulness trainer and enroll in a coach training program to learn about coaching and holistic health.


What does Adjuma Tribe stand for?

Adjuma is a pepper, one of the hottest in the world. Originally from South America, the continent of the land where my parents were born: Surinam.

In some aspects, my life is as spicy as the Adjuma. There is this Dutch saying peper in de kont hebbenwhich means that you are always on the go, always working, always busy.

I Felt like I was an Adjuma pepper”. And in some ways I still am, but years ago I decided to take control of the fire and add a little sugar to the heat: I went on a slow living journey.

Adjuma Tribe is therefor for people who are having busy jobs, living in the city and still want to experience slow living.


What is your goal with Adjuma Tribe?

Finally, it is my desire to be able to optimally support people on their slow living journey to a more vital and healthier (work) lifestyle.

There are several ways to do that, for example with my Mindfulness training I used to give, the Slow Sunday Circles I organize and the Feed The Mind project that I co-own.

I hope to be able to host multi-day retreats in the future where professionals can get together, rest, learn, and return to work with a new perspective and lifestyle.


Beautiful Black Women laughing. Are there any people or books that inspire you on your personal journey to a mindful and slow lifestyle?

Yes, lot’s of people.

☼ Nap Ministry on Instagram

☼ Dit is een goede gids: a Dutch book about sustainable living

☼ Afro minimalist

☼ She is awake

☼ Mumster movement

☼ You


And I am probably even forgetting a few names.


Sustainability is also a topic you deal with. What is your personal connection to it? What are your personal ways to live sustainably?

Around the time I began to feel the first signs of burnout, I realized that my lifestyle was not only harmful to myself, but also to others and the environment. I gradually learnt more and put forth greater effort to modify things.

For me, it’s a lot of basic things like:

Buying secondhand, vintage, and borrowing rather than fast fashion.

Being mindful while buying new clothes: do I really need it, does it actually compliment my wardrobe.

At home, I don’t consume meat and only eat plant-based foods.

But it’s also realizing that some of the things I grew up with were already environmentally friendly:

Making my own body products.

Buying organic products.

Repurposing ice cream containers for food.

Storing food in reusable containers instead of trowing it away.


What have been your biggest benefits of living mindfully?

A lot of things…

I’ve learnt my physical and mental boundaries so that I don’t burn out.

I’ve learned how to deal with stressful situations, which makes every day a lot easier.

I’m enjoying life more right now (in this moment and all the little things) and am less stressed trying to find the next big thing.

I don’t feel ashamed for meeding my rest and rest more often



What are your actual Morning and Evening Routine?

I get out of bed and open my window a bit to let some light in. Then I slowly wake up by listening to affirmations on my phone.

After that, I sit and meditate for a time. I exercise about 3 times a week after the meditation and then shower, and if I don’t exercise, I shower right after the meditation.

After that, I usually drink water or ginger and lemon tea before going to work.


Where can we find more of you?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook at: @adjumatribe
My website is: www.adjumatribe.com
If you’re curious about how I spent the other half of my week, or how I implemented slow loving at my art company, follow @priscillamacintosh or visit www.studiomacintosh.nl


Thank You Priscilla!



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