Minimalism: 5 principles for more happiness

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The happiness of less – that’s what Minimalism is about: We consciously reduce in order to make room for what really matters. Over the last few years, I have been focusing a lot on minimalist principles. That’s why I’ve decided to share my five favorite principals, that helps me to make room for more happiness in everyday life.



#1 Setting priorities


“Prioritizing means choosing what to leave undone.” When you figure out what’s really important to you, it’s easier to eliminate unimportant commitments and habits from your life.


For example: When your calendar is full, you can focus on what really matters. Identify what matters most to you and cross everything else out – without compromise.


Does your apartment have a lot of clutter accumulated over the years?


In that case, you should keep all the things that you value and donate or sell the rest. Setting priorities helps to create more time and space for more important things. 


#2 Live more consciously


We live consciously when our decisions matches with our values and intentions. Knowing this can help us to positively change our consumption habits.


Ask yourself following questions: 

What are your values?

Have you ever thought about whether the products you buy represent these values?

How do they enrich your life in the long run?

When we live consciously, we will be able to focus on the essentials, and we will find our way in a world full of offers and stimulation.


#3 Quality instead of quantity


Quality over quantity is the idea of keeping things for a long time ratherthan constantly replacing them.


Having two quality shirts that look great after wearing them several times is better than having six improperly made shirts that are unwearable after a few washes. 


Even in relationships, quality can come over quantity.


As I’ve learned, it’s easier to maintain a small circle of close friends in the long run than a circle of randomly collected contacts.To me, quality in relationship management means being able to sustainrelationships that have meaning in my life.


#4 Less is more


In today’s meritocratic society, we set ourselves many goals and want to achieve a lot in life. But I had to learn that achieving more – comes with a price.


It often costs more responsibility, more power, more energy and more time. We are only able to utilize these resources to a limited extent. At some point, when we reach our limits, we carry huge ballast with us and it becomes difficult to move forward.


It’s not uncommon for us to feel weighed down, crushed, or in the worst case burned out. Such moments have taught me to acknowledge that I need to let go and throw off the ballast.


By letting go, we can create space for freedom and clarity again. Additionally, a light bag makes traveling through life faster and easier.


#5 Frugality


You are enough.


Frugality means that you are satisfied with what you have or are and don’t strive for more. It can also mean being happy with little.


The term frugality goes hand in hand with the words gratitude and simplicity. The principle of simplicity is in turn related to minimalism: A simple life where you don’t need much to be happy.


Minimalism and happiness


Minimalism is a great way to clean up your life, create new structures and get rid of ballast. Both materially and psychologically. The reduction to the most necessary creates more space, time, resources and clarity for things that really have meaning for us. Performing this act can greatly enrich life, as well as create space for more happiness in everyday life.







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