Transit Rituals for Colder Seasons

A time of balance has come to the northern hemisphere with the Autumn Equinox. The day become equal to the light and causes a period of equilibrium in our living world. 


Hello Autumn. 


Summer’s bright colors have been replaced by earthly golds. There is a feeling of maturity, a kind of incipient melancholy that I often can’t explain to myself.


But It’s a feeling that I enjoy. A feeling that creates strong appreciation and modesty within me. In this time of year, we can take a moment to pause, reflect, gather our harvest, and store what we need for the seasons to come.


Transit Rituals for Colder Seasons of the Year


As we transition from one season to another, transit rituals can help us to pause and become aware of the changes we are experiencing. It’s about embracing change and enjoying it.



☼ Cosiness

Allow yourself more coziness and create more time and space to feel comfortable. You can create a cozy atmosphere by lighting scented candles at night or very early in the morning. Wrap yourself up in a cuddly blanket, watch a good movie, and drink hot tea.


☼ Nourishment 

Cook seasonal and warm meals with plenty of veggies, that will keep your body energized and healthy during this time of the year.


☼ Embrace Warmth

As the weather gets colder outside, the body needs more energy to stay warm and maintain a proper temperature. Moreover our immune system can tend to get a cold much faster than in summer days. So whether you put on your wool socks, have mindful tea sessions, eat spicy food, or simply move regularly, to stay fit and healthy: Give your body the warmth it’s missing outside.


☼ Holy Sleep and Breaks

Give yourself more sleep and breaks. For me, waking up early and going to bed early are ideal. As the day might become much shorter than we’re used to, it’s does so well to wake up a bit early and knowing that there is enough time of day left. 


☼ Seasonal Playlist

Create a new Music Playlist and listen to sounds of the season.


☼ Time of Reflection

Reflect or Recap. The Year is almost over. List everything you’ve already reached so far. All your mile stones. Take time to celebrate your achievements and think on what you still want to do the rest of the year.


Analyze your own personal development. List what went good or wrong this year. What did you learn from your past experiences or what are you the most grateful for this season? Get to know you much better than the season before.


☼ Lovely Communion

Take time to socialize with your loved ones. As in this season everything might seem cold and isolated, it becomes even more meaningful to care and maintain connections. I always enjoy to spend more time in spaces I feel safe, appreciated, accepted and loved. You can try to create time for lovely communion.


☼ Nature

Spend time outside, in nature. It’s healing and it helps us to have a better feeling of seasonal transitions. Even in colder periods it helps me to adapt myself more quickly to cooler temperatures. Besides that it keeps you in movement and warm. You can create a week-end ritual by taking a long, refreshing walk outside in a forest or countryside.


☼ Vitamin D

Since Vitamin D deficiency is a global health issue for the black community, it is recommended to make sure that the daily vitamin D content is covered as much as possible during the season of low sunshine. A deficiency can lead to effects such as fatigue and mood fluctuations. Vitamin D can be taken naturally through food or also through supplements. 




Finding Balance in my own Natural Cycle  ◯


We are nature and nature is us. It’s Nature controlling the cycles of the Earth’s weather, and we are natural creatures too. As we connect to the rhythm of Nature, we connect deeply with our own body and mind which can help us to observe our own changing inner process. In ways that are nurturing, grounding and understanding.


Appreciating those seasonal changes and practicing my transit rituals helps me to find my own balance in my natural cycle.



Thank you for reading!





Pictures: Feyza Daştan, Unsplash

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