5 simple ways to practice Gratitude Today – and Every Day

Gratitude describes the ability to perceive and acknowledge positive things in life.


It’s our respond when we feel that inner warmth in our heart. A warmth that affirms the goodness of life. It’s like an expression of appreciation for what we recognize as gift.


In this post I will share 5 simple ways with you, to practice Gratitude Today and Everyday.


Being thankful vs. gratitude


The difference between being thankful and gratitude is that gratitude describes a constant state of being. It is not a temporary condition, but rather a behavioral, that allows us to practice gratitude in a daily basis. 


Doing this enables us to experience more positive emotions, build resilience and improve our wellbeing. We create spaces to live happier and healthier.


In my experience gratitude is much easier to practice, when everything seems to work well. When things aren’t going well, it is so easy to slip into negative thinking. This actually makes you believe that nothing good can come to you and that there is nothing for which to be thankful.  


But the good thing is that gratitude is cultivable, regardless of how external circumstances look like. 



5 simple ways to practice Gratitude Today – and Every Day



1. Start a gratitude Journal  ☼


Start a gratitude Journal, and list at least 3 things you’re grateful for everyday. People perceive negative perceptions emotionally much stronger than positive ones. A gratitude Journal helps you to balance this out by focusing on the positive and important things in life. It promotes appreciation for the things we take for granted over time.



2. Look for the positive ☼


Look for the positive when you face challenges. If we look for something positive we will see opportunity instead of obstacles. If we take that approach to positivity it is no lack of things, to be grateful for.


3. Stop Comparing ☼


Stop comparing your own life and achievements with others. Instead you should focus on the right person and that is you: Learn to love and appreciate yourself more and focus on your own goals and personal growth. Another thing that you can do is to turn off a comparison into an inspiration. Take what speaks to you and enrich your own live. Can be so powerful.


4. Practice charity ☼


Helping others can help us. Especially those who are less fortunate than yourself, can help to put things into perspective and make you feel more positive about your own circumstances. 



5. Appreciate simple things ☼


Learn appreciating the simple things. Because we as human get used to circumstances over time. 


Probably you know that phenomen: You have trained so hard to achieve a special goal, by believing that life will get better and you will feel better, after achieving this goal. The day you get what you expect, you get start used to it and isn’t something special anymore. 


This phenomenon actually drives us to achieve more and bigger things in life. But appreciating the small things, can actually help us to break this never-ending loop of being unsatisfied. 


We often forget that little things have huge impact in our life. If we learn to recognize their value, we will be surprised how blessed we actually are. It’s strongly linked to frugality too.




Take away: Begin and End each Day with a grateful heart ☼


Each day have it’s gift. By practicing gratitude we can be consciously aware of that. We are able to embrace that and built resilience for our inward journey. 


My Tip: Find your own ritual to begin and end each day with a grateful heart.


You can do this through Journaling, Meditating or just by taking your time to pray.


Waking up or going to sleep with gratitude in our mind offers us to invite balance, happiness peace and satisfaction every time we start and end our day.






photo credits: Binti Malu @Pexels, Rodnae Productions @Pexels



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