Money in your Wardrobe: 7 Tips on Selling Clothes Online

Thanks to Online platforms and apps, selling preloved items on the Internet has never been easier. It’s a great way to gain space in our wardrobe and earn some extra Money at the same time. Since I’ve started to declutter my life intensively, I only own 30 pieces in my closet. I sold over 100 pieces in the past years and at the moment, I only sell my clothes occasionally to keep them in circulation.


If you’re having trouble getting started selling your preloved clothes and accessories Online, this post is for you!


Textile cycle – It’s not just about the money


Textile circular economy describes the process in which produced clothes remain in circulation as long as possible instead of being thrown away. This process is one of the most sustainable ways of dealing with used textiles. There’s enough clothing already to dress the hole mankind. In fact, if not a single garment were produced right now, there would still be enough to clothe the whole world for 10 to 15 years. We actually produce and throw away far too many clothes and it’s our environment paying a high price.


You can contribute to the textile cycle by keeping your clothes as long as possible. Furthermore you can Up- or Downcycle your textile waste. When you simply no longer wear clothes that are in good condition, you should consider to make someone else a gift or sell them


Here are my 7 easy Tips for selling Clothes Online!



1. Seasonal, trending and classical fashion items sell better 


Pay attention to the season. Summer is the best time to sell summer clothes. Likewise, sweaters sell best in winter or fall, when demand is high. Selling during the right season can make your items sell faster. The same goes for trendy and classical items such as Dr. Martens. They’re almost never out of fashion and usually sell well through out the year.


2. Keep your Clothes in a well maintained condition


Make sure that you keep your clothes in good quality with no defects as possible. Broken clothes and old fabric scraps can’t even be disposed of in old clothes containers. This makes them even less suitable for sale.


3. Good pictures are half the rent


You should think about how to take pictures of clothes to sell online. It’s important to take good pictures and collect inspirations beforehand if necessary. For appealing and qualitative pictures you should consider to ensure a very good light quality. Besides that it’s more pleasant for the eye, when you keep the background as simple as possible, therefor you just have to remove unnecessary items. Another thing you can do is to highlight special features – macro shot is especially suitable here. Based on my experience, clothes sell better if you take pictures wearing them yourself. Besides that Professional equipment is not necessary, a Smartphone is totally sufficient. 


4. An honest description


Be honest in the product description. List imperfections and offer help if interested buyers who have further questions related to your offer. Stay available and answer quickly. You should also use good hashtags in your description. Depending on the sales platform you use, it can have a significant impact on how your product is found.


5. How to set your Pricing


Some sales platforms give a common market price. You should use it as a guide when setting your own prices. After you set your price, you can decide whether it makes sense to increase it or not. Increasing makes especially sense when your item is trending, has high-quality or is from a well known designer brand. When setting the price, make sure that there is still room for negotiation. It’s better to set your price a bit higher than low.


6. Push Function


On some platforms you can use a push function to highlight your article. My tip: For me, the push function makes only sense if you can estimate well that there is a high demand for your article or if you want to sell your article quickly. Otherwise, it’s better to simply be patient and follow the steps I have already mentioned before. As you pay for the push function, you should think twice before you waste your money.


7. Keep your Patience


Patience always pays off. Don’t set prices directly down or put your article out if there are no requests. Often it still needs some time. Think: Somewhere there is a person looking for the exact item you want to get rid of.


My TIP: Use multiple platforms to 
increase the visibility of your item.

Summarized Notes


❂ Seasonal, trending and classical fashion items sell better.

❂ Keep your Clothes in a well maintained condition.

❂ Take good pictures and collect inspiration beforehand if necessary.

❂ Be honest in the product description.

❂ Orient yourself to the market price and make sure that there is still room for negotiation.

❂ Only use the push function if you know that there is a high demand for your article.

❂ Keep your Patience.



I hope these tips will help you to successfully sell your clothes, create more space in your closet and earn some extra money!







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